Monday, September 11, 2023

DIY A Latte Today

Like many others I have  been a Starbucks customer for lots of years. Daily lattes can be very expensive.  I would always have the Venti oatmilk with 4 Splendas, add whip.  When the prices started hiking out of control, I nipped the bud. Now, I’m off Starbucks for good!   Make my hot coffee at home each morning or I have an iced drink whenever I want. Freedom!! I have a wonderful iced coffee recipe for your homemade drinks. 

Iced Coffee At Home
1 lb of your favorite dark roasted coffee
32 cups (8 qts) cold water
Mix together in a large container and let it sit overnight. 
Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth in the a.m. Eek, messy! Keep in fridge until you use as your base with the milk and sweetner of your choice.

Try it and you’ll never go back. Feels good to kick back at home in the morning with the kids…

Monday, August 9, 2021

You Cannot Heal in the Place Where You Experienced Hurt

Why is it we sometimes have to get away from it all. Go to another place to be alone. Isolate ourselves. Distance ourselves. Disappear. Cut and run. Flee. Make a getaway. Sort of like Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride...

or like Robin Wright in Land...

or like Reese Witherspoon in The Wild...

or like Di Hocut in Who Gives a Flying Flip...

Many times you are not able to heal in the place where you experienced your hurt, but you are able to return when you're in a better place. So when you are able don't be afraid to go home where you are loved, welcomed, and able to start a new day to begin again. Have you giggled today? Try it.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Being A Lone Caregiver

I am totally worn out, tired, exhausted, and not even upset about being alone to handle this terrible event at this moment in my life. Today I am recuperating from a lost love, Miss Ellie, my sweet rescue border collie who was 16 years old.

It's been a very rough week as Miss Ellie finally lost total use of her hind legs last week. She had been struggling for the last year but doing ok. However, last Friday she couldn't go anymore. I've been nursing her, hand feeding and watering her, getting her up to relieve herself, putting her to bed at night, keeping her cool, comfortable and dry and finally taking her to the Magnolia Emergency Hospital yesterday (my vet is out of town till August 19th) to be euthanized. I'm sure Miss Ellie, being at the end of her life, was as totally worn out as I am now.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to the caring and competent staff at Magnolia Animal Hospital for being there when Miss Ellie and I really needed their help.  Because being a caregiver is hard work physically and emotionally. I don't know which is harder, a people caregiver or a doggie caregiver. I've never been a people caregiver as my husband, Mike died suddenly and unexpectedly of cancer a couple of years ago and did not need any caregiving. But I have been a doggie caregiver a number of times with some of my rescues through the years and Mike would always help me at those times. So, it's especially hard being a lone caregiver nowadays.  In fact, with the Covid restrictions on veterinarians and the long wait times for vet service, the only way I got through this was thoughts of a post I saw on FB a while back...

And that's just what me and Miss Ellie did...

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Overwhelmed By Kindness

Today I was overwhelmed by kindness in many ways. Just seems like the 'kinder and gentler' you are, the more you run smack dab into it.

Actually, I've always been a rather meek and mild person (except when that final, last straw is broken and I become a fierce, raging incredible hulk).  Working on that. Anyway, I've been studying Beth Moore's Bible Study of Daniel for the last few months and thus, I have resolved to be a better person, one with integrity and loyalty like Daniel.

With that resolution comes a kinder and gentler world. The kind like George H. W. Bush (often referred to as 41) spoke of in his acceptance speech of his party's nomination for president of the United States in 1988. His phrase has resonated with me for years. And, in order to get a kinder and gentler world, you have to be a kinder and gentler person. Simple.

Such was the case earlier today when I met the wonderful staff, technicians, and customers at Haddock's Collision Center in Toccoa, GA.  Please don't ask why I was there, that will be another post. Hint: see photo below. This business has expert and quality care for you and your car! My short time there this morning has been an overwhelming of kindness experience that keeps me hopeful in our everchanging, sometimes kinder and gentler world. 


Thursday, June 24, 2021

On A Quest For...the perfect water bottle

 Finally found the perfect water bottle. And only $19.99 at your favorite Walmart store. Slightly on the pricey side for me. While waiting in the paint department for my paint smear to dry, I saw this absolutely cool looking Brita Water Bottle on an end corner close by. Picked it up, read the instructions, and threw it in the buggy. No indecisiveness here. Perfect remedy for my over usage of plastic and glass bottles. And the 2 month disposable, replaceable filter is so eco friendly. Hope the filters don't cost a fortune. They don't, just googled and found a 6 pack, one year supply (change out every 2 months) at Amazon for $15.99. Bought them with one click. Wow, I'm really excited about my impulse purchase that will save me tons of money and labor from those costly and cumbersome water bottles I've been buying and hauling around forever. They took up too much space in my fridge too. So many advantages here. However, sad to note the same Brita Water Bottle was only $16.99 at Amazon.

One last thing about this perfect water bottle. Do not hold upright, it will dribble all down your chin and nice clean tee. You must suck, suck, suck it up. Check out proper usage in the photo below. Thanks Google for helping me out on that too. BTW...have you googled today?

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Things Are Looking Up, Finally

 I had a good friend send me a video the other day on FB. It's a Willie Nelson tune that describes the emotions you go through after losing a loved one. I think I get it, and things are looking up, finally. Miss my sweetheart and may he rest in peace...

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Sick and Tired and Not Gonna Take It Anymore...

 It's been awhile since I've had a dress on. Covid-19 had reduced me to pajamas all day and maybe, when I've ventured out, sweat pants with baggy t-shirt's. In fact, my social pre-Covid life was pretty much the same as my Covid life this past year. Social distancing. Not wanting to participate with anyone. Moving to another state. Missing my deceased husband terribly. No energy. Exhausted. Apathy.

Well, poor pitiful me was not just depressed with grieving, moving,  and dealing with Covid. Actually, my chronic (thru the years) Iron Deficiency Anemia had taken its toll on me this past year and I didn't even know it. A trip to the hospital and one blood transfusion later, I'm feeling a lot better. I feel like getting dressed up. Like going out with a friend. Like I'm gonna get to the bottom of this complicated diagnosis because I'm sick and tired of it kicking my ass for so many years. Like I can giggle again, finally.