Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trivial Pursuit of Giggles Today

I know there’s a ton of heavy stuff going on in our world today. Like nuclear war, racism, and devastating weather patterns to name a few. I’m worried. And, often times, more than not, when I get worried, I try to bring a humorous slice of wisdom to the table. (And, eat.) 

So, let’s discuss the (half- assed) preparation of tortilla chips at local restaurants. What’s up with serving your patrons icky, half fried tortilla chips!!?!!!? Yes, in the Sherwood and North Little Rock area we have (at least two popular) restaurants who try to pass off their pastie white, half fried, never hot, totally unacceptable tortilla chips with their cheese dip and salsa. Not mentioning any names here. Maybe, some braver person will let them know we are revolting and we are not gonna take this unforgivable atrocity anymore. 

However (being the wimp that I am), I simply do not return to their restaurant and I travel (all the way) to Bryant, Arkansas to get the crispiest, most golden and delicious, freshly fried tortilla chips at TaMolly’s Mexican Kitchen . Lots of other great food there as welL. Try the beef nachos!!

Yes, it is darned tooting true, that here in the South, we do judge our Tex/Mex restaurants by its tortilla chips, salsa, and cheese dip!!! And, no forgiving any half-assing around.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Taking Out The Stinking Trash 2018

Betcha got some stinking trash hanging around your life, huh?  We all do. Fact of life. As Judge Judy once said, “Visiting relatives are like the trash, kept around too long, it starts to stink.”  Here’s a handy to do list for taking out your stinking trash during the new year...
  1. Stop procrastinating. Do it now. There’s no time like the present.
  2. Always do the right thing and love others while you’re doing it! Sounds hard, but it’s not. 
  3. Remove toxic family and friends from your life. Life’s too short for those that suck the positive energy out of you (and bad shoes.) Splurge on good people and Gucci.
  4. Stop the stinginess. Give back. Especially where you have planted your roots.  Make your community a better place to live. Give a hoot like Officer Tommy Robinson in the North Little Rock, Arkansas area. This guy rocks!
Well, this handy list should get you started. Toss out that stinking trash. Hope your life starts to smelling sweet again. Happy New Year, 2018!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Reflecting Renouncing Rebelling 2018

Reflecting back this past year, I’ve realized there are a few things goin’ the Southern route in my life. Yep, got some thangs that need afixin.
For example, Ive had a friend in my life for many years.  She knows it all. Yes, anything and everything you want to know about whatever, whenever, or whoever, she knows it.  She’s often wrong. Who am I kidding? She’s ALWAYS wrong and I’m sick of listening to her. Here goes the plan:

  1. Identify Problem: Freakin’, annoying, asshole who is an opinionated know it all but, is a friend I do not want to get rid of because, friends are an investment and I’ve spent many years cultivating this one.
  2. Goal: To continue the relationship and not get so freakin’ annoyed at the asshole when she starts her brilliantness.  
  3. Brainstorming:  Strangle her, duct tape on mouth, ear plugs, Google (really knows it all) on the spot to correct her while simultaneously embarrassing the heck out of her, slap her silly, or silently pray for the Rapture as I’m talking to her. 
  4. Assess Alternatives: All the above sound perfectly legitimate for the situation. Decisions?!?!
  5. Choose Solution: Maybe I was a bit too harsh with the alternatives above. Hmmm, I guess,  just recognizing she wants attention, then complimenting what she does get right, and redirecting her back to reality could be a start.  
  6. Active Execution:  I’m inspired. New year, new beginning. Can’t wait to see her. Gotta lot of work to do (see 5. above). I’m worn out just thinking about it. Perseverance will come in handy.
  7. Evaluation:  Yes, it’s very annoying to be around one who knows everything for those that do. Will let you know how it turns out. To be continued... Happy New Year!!! Make this coming year your best yet!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Have a Very Giggly Merry Christmas

BART and I do Therapy Dog International  visits and have met some very nice, kind, and SUPER people. We completed our test to jump into this adventure last spring and what a wonderful life it is! 

There’s just something about encouraging young kids to read to BART and watch them get excited as they improve. Kids are so receptive to this way of teaching and about the best thing a parent, educator, public servant, or grandparent can do for a child is take them to the library and get them to read, read, read! 

BART and I wish you a very giggly and Merry Christmas! Stay safe through the holidays and don’t forget to encourage READING in your household,  because that’s where it all starts.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Girls Just Wanna Have The Giggles

Have you seen  Time’s Person of the Year 2017??  My elbow is on the cover. The other Silence Breakers include Taylor Swift for breaking free (and winning in court) with her “groping” experience. 

BTW, thank you to all the women who have bravely come forth with their sexual harassment stories. We are proud that this monumental moment in history is being documented for all of us. And, we’re not gonna take it anymore! 

I’m a newly made Swifty. Have you got your Reputation tickets yet!!?!? Because, girls just wanna have the giggles.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Done With Going Overboard

My life has been spent in the fast lane. Forever busy, always going, going here, going there, always going everywhere. As a homemaker, a mother, a grandmother, a caregiver of animals, a soap maker, a student, a teacher, and a volunteer for non-profits all my life, I’ve worked very hard. I’m tired.

I’ve recently dropped out of  three wonderful organizations where I have devoted many years of volunteer service. I’ve structured my soap business to accommodate 12 loyal customers. My kids and grandkids are beautifully self sufficient and live far away. My dogs are growing old gracefully and dying out. I’ve slowed down. 

I cannot begin to express how absolutely wonderful it is to wake up each morning and not have to go somewhere. I am more relaxed and comfortable and find it hard to believe I actually enjoy puttering around in my own home doing a little bit of nothing each day. At 67 years of age, I finally have resigned and retired myself to a more sedate way of life. I’ve gone from a Type A to a Type B. I’m done with going overboard.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Labor Day Giggles 2017

Hope you are planning a great and giggly Labor Day!  The beautiful Hot Springs and Lake Hamilton area is where I will be. Many years have been spent on these waters. In fact, you're not living right if you're not taking advantage of Arkansas's fun filled, Hot Springs attractions. Our family traditions include fresh and always delicious seafood at Fisherman's Wharf Steak & Seafood, boating (day and evening) on gorgeous Lake Hamilton , and above all, do not forget your daily bath and massage on Bath House Row. Try the cool sorbet recipe pictured below for a super easy Labor Day dessert which will give you more time on the lake!