Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trivial Pursuit of Giggles Today

I know there’s a ton of heavy stuff going on in our world today. Like nuclear war, racism, and devastating weather patterns to name a few. I’m worried. And, often times, more than not, when I get worried, I try to bring a humorous slice of wisdom to the table. (And, eat.) 

So, let’s discuss the (half- assed) preparation of tortilla chips at local restaurants. What’s up with serving your patrons icky, half fried tortilla chips!!?!!!? Yes, in the Sherwood and North Little Rock area we have (at least two popular) restaurants who try to pass off their pastie white, half fried, never hot, totally unacceptable tortilla chips with their cheese dip and salsa. Not mentioning any names here. Maybe, some braver person will let them know we are revolting and we are not gonna take this unforgivable atrocity anymore. 

However (being the wimp that I am), I simply do not return to their restaurant and I travel (all the way) to Bryant, Arkansas to get the crispiest, most golden and delicious, freshly fried tortilla chips at TaMolly’s Mexican Kitchen . Lots of other great food there as welL. Try the beef nachos!!

Yes, it is darned tooting true, that here in the South, we do judge our Tex/Mex restaurants by its tortilla chips, salsa, and cheese dip!!! And, no forgiving any half-assing around.