Monday, June 20, 2011

On A Quest For the Best Brisket In The South

My son Aaron tried the Brisket Roadies recipe yesterday and called this morning to tell me what a huge hit it was at their Father's Day table. Hey Aaron, when did I ever steer you wrong? The spices, red wine, and hours of slow cooking make this brisket the most tasty and tender meat dish ever. And, because it can be made well ahead of party time is just another reason to try this fantastic recipe. Luv sharin' it again...maybe you'll email me or comment below to tell me what a big deal it was at your next party or wing ding! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

On A Quest For Some More Farkleberry Fodder

A packed house at the Darragh Center, Main Little Rock Library last night with lots of reminiscent Farkleberry Follie Folks found in the crowd! The cheese, fruit, and scrumptious snacks along with pretty darn good wine and beverages were a big hit as well as the specially made Hello Folly video and distinguished panel of Farkleberry Follies skit creators, Craig Douglass, Ben Combs, and Bill Lancaster. Did I say distinguished? When asked why the Follies haven't been around for the last decade, Lancaster said, "A man can only drink so much whiskey!" Gee, Bill...why didn't y'all creative wizards switch to beer and last a few more years?? We do miss the Follies!

However, if you donate at least $25 to benefit the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies you will receive a Hello Folly video as a thank you gift so you can keep on laughing out loud for a good while.  And, thanks to the Butler Center, a wide variety of materials related to Arkansas history and culture is collected (like the Leroy Donald Collection) and made available to researchers and the general public like you and me!

It's always fun to laugh and poke fun at our fine politicking people of Arkansas and, as the panel agreed last night, it's nice to reminisce but, there will always be satirizing opportunities aplenty like the Arkansas Lottery or the number of state issued vehicles to name a couple. As for me, I'm just wondering who might become the next Arnold or Weiner livin' in the Natural State.

Monday, June 6, 2011

How Many Willie Nelson Concerts Should One See In A Lifetime?

Well, once is not enough...and about thirty times is way too many. So, I would venture to say that at least ten times should be just about right. So, that means I have definitely gone over the limit to see this living legend who warbles like a nightingale, plays a guitar (at 78) like nobody's business, and rocks the stage better that most!

I'm really glad that the last time (I hope) I saw Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown was Saturday night at the North Shore Park in downtown NLR Argenta area. Willie (yes, I can call him Willie) was just as cordial, exciting, charismatic, and talented as the first time I saw him back in the 70s. Temperatures in the park reached well over a hundred, the crowds were as nice and feisty as ever (#3 had to wrestle with only four rowdy dudes who were coveting our almost front-row-lawn-chair seats) but, the beer was cold and the stages were all rocking with wonderful and talented younger friends (and relatives) of Willie. I am now in love with Jamey Johnson who sings and plays just like Willie as well as Lukas Nelson who sings and plays just like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

You better hurry up and get your times to see Willie in...surely he can't keep on doing these summer long picnic tours forever...or maybe he can...all the younger pardners seem to keep this cowboy ageless.