Saturday, May 22, 2021

Sick and Tired and Not Gonna Take It Anymore...

 It's been awhile since I've had a dress on. Covid-19 had reduced me to pajamas all day and maybe, when I've ventured out, sweat pants with baggy t-shirt's. In fact, my social pre-Covid life was pretty much the same as my Covid life this past year. Social distancing. Not wanting to participate with anyone. Moving to another state. Missing my deceased husband terribly. No energy. Exhausted. Apathy.

Well, poor pitiful me was not just depressed with grieving, moving,  and dealing with Covid. Actually, my chronic (thru the years) Iron Deficiency Anemia had taken its toll on me this past year and I didn't even know it. A trip to the hospital and one blood transfusion later, I'm feeling a lot better. I feel like getting dressed up. Like going out with a friend. Like I'm gonna get to the bottom of this complicated diagnosis because I'm sick and tired of it kicking my ass for so many years. Like I can giggle again, finally.