Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Let It Snow

Another record of snow! Seems like everywhere we live there has to be a record of some kind set for the weather people to carry on and on about for a good while. And, for a good while in Central Arkansas we have a record snow on the ground! So, I just say...(sorry for the other 37 videos, must have been an operator error on my part when I retrieved the embed code from my YouTube account, however I am leaving them in so my kids, grand kids, and future grand kids will be able to view them here as well!)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

On A Quest For a Fried Chicken Frenzy...

Had a 3 piece with fries, fried chicken wing frenzy today when I stopped in at Sharks Fish & Chicken. Only $3.99! I have been enjoying Sharks in the North Little Rock area for a couple of years and now they have at least three locations (including the Little Rock area) to Shark frenzy these days. Sharks has got the formula:

Good Food + Good Service + Reasonable Prices = Great Place to Eat!

Sharks Fish & Chicken on Urbanspoon