Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On A Quest For...The Perfect Hair Stylist

This quest has been an ongoing pursuit for the last 40 years and I really don't understand why I am not able to keep a hair stylist for any length of time because I always follow Expected Salon Protocol which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. make an appointment every six weeks

  2. arrive on time or often early

  3. whine just a little bit about my screwed up life

  4. act a whole lot interested in their screwed up life

  5. don't drink over three glasses of wine when offered...actually two glasses is risky behavior

  6. always love and compliment the end matter what...everything is fixable...usually

  7. pay with good plastic money and never choke when the price is given

  8. and make a return appointment before you leave.

So what the heck is the problem? I'm not the crazy one here,'s gotta be them! Right?

For instance, this past year, I had been going to a really chic salon off Dickson Street...Shag. My stylist had been showing disinterest for awhile and although she did a good job, I realized our days together were numbered. A few of her annoying tactics included keeping me waiting even though I had arrived on time or early, talking on the phone while she worked on my hair, not asking how I was doing or how I have been, leaving me alone while she steps outside to visit her friends and family for extended periods, not asking me about a return appointment, and the final straw...not personally inviting me to Shag's open house (read about it in the newspaper) at their new location down the street. Yes, women do get upset over petty stuff like this!

Anyway, petty me dusted my feelings off my sleeve and found a great new salon on College Avenue...Genesis. My new stylist is Anna, and she did a great job when I recently visited. I truly hope she and I will be able to continue our relationship for a good while. I also met Bert, another stylist...who actually lives in my neighborhood! She invited me and #3 to her church and genuinely told me to stop by her house anytime! Wow, I am excited about the possibility of these new relationships...One door closes, another opens...Yea! I love real people who sincerely appreciate your business, as well as your friendship. I'm going to Genesis from now on to get my hair done because...Nice matters.