Monday, November 10, 2014

Red Door...Little Rock

Had a wonderful dinner the other night at the Red Door on Old Cantrell Road in Little Rock. Lots of complaints about this place on Urbanspoon however, we thought it to be a very pleasant experience. The place was crowded with lots of happy people and many 'regulars' who were greeted by name as they strode through the door. The salmon was perfectly broiled, the creamed spinach was 2Di4, the house salads delicious, and the house made meatballs with pasta were pretty darn fantastic. The waitress was delightful and very attentive. Prices were very reasonable. 

Believe me, if I could complain, I would but, no complaints here! Wouldn't take long for me to become a regular, if only I lived a bit closer. 

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Garden Bistro...NLR

Dropped in at the new Garden Bistro (old Victorian Gardens) in the Lakewood House of North Little Rock the other day to have a light spot of soup. The soup on the menu was a Double Chicken Pot Pie Soup. Hummm, I'm game. So, I tried it and gee, there was no lightness or soup in it anywhere. It was very tasty however, it was just a big ole bowl of chicken pot pie covered in tons of sauce and little biscuit hunks. Would have been great if I was a lumberjack. I was sort of disappointed because I was really in the mood for a tasty bowl of soup. Service was good. Decor still the same as the prior establishment. Still a super nice place for ladies to go and have a delightful lunch. If you are a soup lover like myself, you might want to ask questions before ordering. Something I might want to start doing. I've since heard the Eggs Benedict on the menu are very good. Maybe, next time.

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