Friday, August 13, 2010

On A Quest For...Ghouls, Ghosts, & Goblins

Are you ready to experience some eeriness, ghoulishness, and downright creepy stuff? Sounds like my kinda fun, and I'm super excited to see that Halloween season is right around the corner! If you're an Arkansan in the Natural State there are plenty of spooky shenanigans you can get into this year. And all visitors to our state...are welcome to get weirded out as well! But I first must warn you to please do so at your own risk!

A must do this season is the Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour in Eureka Springs.There are plenty of unexplainable happenings, odd noises, and strange occurrences reported by the employees and guests at this luxurious hotel which started out as a fine girl's school in 1886. Don't miss out on Dr. Baker's Famous Lounge...always fun to have a few sliders before bedtime, but be extra careful upon returning to your room... at least a couple of people have fallen down the beautiful and deadly spiral staircase of the Crescent!

Another spooky spirit to check out is the Ghost of Woodson Lateral Road. As kids in high school we would drive to the outskirts of town on this lonesome, dark road to check out this eerie urban legend. Honestly, that's all we were doing on that lonesome, dark road...anyway, check out the YouTube video my grandson Noah and I made this summer concerning this frightful hitchhiker.  Special effects courtesy of Noah!! Nice to have smart grandkids when you're shooting home videos. And check out the cool book, too...The Ghosts of Little Rock  by Alan Lowe and Jason Hall.  We got ours at Barnes & Noble.

Take a DETOUR this year and do something out of the ordinary...go On A Quest For some of the most unnatural happenings in our beautiful Natural State...Arkansas. Hope you have a safe and adventurous Halloween!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On A Quest For...Parrot Beach Cafe on Friday the 13th

Our favorite community radio station, KABF 88.3FM in Little Rock, Arkansas is in trouble! Come show your support tomorrow night, Friday, the 13th of August at the Parrot Beach Cafe, 9611 MacArthur Drive, North Little Rock from 4pm till close. Roy Doyle and Jeff Riggs, the stars of Arkansas Showcase will be on hand as well as lots of local artists such as Mark Simpson, Gospel Outlaws, Clover Blue, Cruize Bros with Joe Pitts & Mike Dollins, and Amy Garland & Brent Lebeux! For details call (501)771-2994. Have a heart for the radio station, KABF 88.3FM...the "Voice of the People" since 1984! See you there!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On A Quest For...44th Annual Eureka Springs Silver Tea

Save the date! Always on the first Thursday of December...44th Annual Eureka Springs Silver Tea at the Crescent Hotel on December 2, 2010. Gather a van load of friends and scoot on up to Eureka to check out the scrumptious food, elegant tea service, and warm hearts of the friendly hosts that are always on hand at this super crowded event. If you so delight, dress in your favorite Victorian finery and help celebrate with these fine residents who love to educate you on their richly historic old mountain village...Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Proceeds go toward a well deserving charity each year!