Thursday, June 24, 2021

On A Quest For...the perfect water bottle

 Finally found the perfect water bottle. And only $19.99 at your favorite Walmart store. Slightly on the pricey side for me. While waiting in the paint department for my paint smear to dry, I saw this absolutely cool looking Brita Water Bottle on an end corner close by. Picked it up, read the instructions, and threw it in the buggy. No indecisiveness here. Perfect remedy for my over usage of plastic and glass bottles. And the 2 month disposable, replaceable filter is so eco friendly. Hope the filters don't cost a fortune. They don't, just googled and found a 6 pack, one year supply (change out every 2 months) at Amazon for $15.99. Bought them with one click. Wow, I'm really excited about my impulse purchase that will save me tons of money and labor from those costly and cumbersome water bottles I've been buying and hauling around forever. They took up too much space in my fridge too. So many advantages here. However, sad to note the same Brita Water Bottle was only $16.99 at Amazon.

One last thing about this perfect water bottle. Do not hold upright, it will dribble all down your chin and nice clean tee. You must suck, suck, suck it up. Check out proper usage in the photo below. Thanks Google for helping me out on that too. BTW...have you googled today?

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Things Are Looking Up, Finally

 I had a good friend send me a video the other day on FB. It's a Willie Nelson tune that describes the emotions you go through after losing a loved one. I think I get it, and things are looking up, finally. Miss my sweetheart and may he rest in peace...