Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On A Quest For...Little Kidz Week 2010

What has six legs, twelve eyes, eats tons of popcorn, drinks buckets of Kool Aid, and invades Nana's house about this time every year? Not the granddaddy long legs...it's Noah, Lindy, and Wilbur! Little Kidz Week 2010 is just around the corner and it is going to be the best LKW ever! We have plenty of quality events just waiting for this Terrific Threesome!

First on the list has to be swimming at the North Little Rock Athletic Club. What a great pool for my little guests! Maybe I can hit one of the Body Pump classes while Paw Paw is doing guard duty. Another cool pool we are going to check out is the Splash Zone in Jacksonville.

And, eating at fun little kid places has to be on the agenda. I think we are still in the age range of Chuck Cheeses. I just registered for some money saving coupons online...will come in handy for these three as they play every game in the place with expertise and endless energy. 

We will also have plenty of time for playing with the dogs, shopping at the mall, meeting new friends, watching movies into the wee hours of the morning, riding on Paw Paw's tractor, and just about any other thing these little critters want to do! The only thing missing from LKW 2010 will be Henry! I tried, but Mom and Dad said, "No." However, there will be no stopping Henry and LKW 2011! 

Yes, Little Kidz Week 2010 is all about spoiling your lovable grandkids and then shipping them back home to mom and dad! Fun stuff...make time for the special kids in your life, today!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

On A Quest For...Proper Razorback Attire

Proper Razorback Attire
Woo Pig Sooey! The Arkansas Razorback football season is right around the corner so, do you have the proper Razorback attire for the upcoming University of Arkansas season? I think #3 and me have it covered, and I am especially excited about the new 100% Wool Red Blazer I recently found at My Favorite Thrift Store on JFK Blvd in North Little Rock. What's your favorite Razorback bling thing that you wear to the games?

On A Quest For...Some Used Golf Clubs

We have a great Community Radio Station in our neighborhood...KABF at 88.3 FM.  Cool station with some with some really super shows to listen to. Tune in Friday at around noon when I will meet with Roy Doyle Arkansas Showcase and present him with some used golf clubs for the Sylvan Hills High School Athletic Department. A great cause...if you have any used clubs or golf equipment...get in touch with me...will pick up in the Central Arkansas area! Thanks for your interest and remember...if you able to do something nice for someone...just do it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

On A Quest For...Whole Lotta Blaming Going On

Phoned in a RX  to Walgreens on Hwy 107 in Sherwood the other day, went by to pick it up and on the ride back home I noticed it was not the increased dosage my doctor had prescribed, rather it was an old RX with the lower dosage. I admit...my mistake. Immediately turned around and went back but, because I had taken the RX from the store, state law prohibits the return of medication. And, the policy of Walgreens is that they will only take the RX back if it is their fault.

My question is...whose fault was it? Mine for calling in the wrong RX number in the first place? Or, Walgreens fault because their professionals had not bothered to look through my records and notice that I had been receiving the higher dosage for a few months?  After some heated discussion with Walgreens repeatedly blaming me, they then backed up and started blaming the doctor. They said the doctor should have cancelled the old RX when phoning in the new one. I say they need to quit standing there filling RXs  like stone cold zombies and do a little research on the patient and RX they are working on! 

A whole lotta of blame from these pharmacy professionals going on here! The problem was semi resolved when my insurance company allowed another RX of the correct dosage and I was told to use the old dosage if I take one and a half tabs.  All was not a total loss, except my business to Walgreens which was immediately transferred over to a company that hopefully will double check my records when I phone in a RX, if they have them on file. From now on I will not believe all that advertising garbage on my receipt where Walgreens assures me, as a regular customer that:
Every Walgreens has your prescription records--for easy refills near or far from home.
Transfer your prescription to Walgreens.  All we need is the information on your current prescription container.  We'll do the rest.
All I can say, is that's a bunch of bologna, and YOU must keep up with your records that they have on file in their Walgreens store! Unfortunately, some people are not able to do this and must rely on their pharmacy professionals for help...what a pity! And, NO, Walgreens, I don't want a freaking candy bar when I'm checking out at the register!! I just want my RX filled correctly!! Won't be back! And when are you going to return my complaint request...I'm waiting!

Have you had any problems with your so called pharmacy professionals? Please leave a comment!!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get Involved...Fashion Week in Little Rock

I read one of those cute little, teeny, tiny books the other day, Hollywood Intuition by Jaye Hersh with Karen Salmansohn...all in about 30 minutes! Not much of a book, but it did have a lot to say about fashion...my greatest love since high school! And, in case you haven't heard...it is especially exciting to see Fashion Week  coming again to Little Rock starting this Saturday, July 10th! According to Spencer Watson in Sync Weekly, Brandon D. Campbell, founder and producer of the second annual Fashion Week states,
“Last year, I was still in WWE mode. I'd just moved back to the city,” said Campbell, a Little Rock native and veteran TV producer of World Wrestling Entertainment, as well as work on ABC, NBC, FOX, the CW and E!, to name a few. “So we were all about getting the creativity out, and we'll always be about that.
“But we've had a whole year to focus on what makes Little Rock special — more so than any other place in the world — and it's the community.”
I couldn't agree more, Brandon! Thanks for bringing this event to our richly historic packed city and astounding community! Can't wait to check out all the happenings included in this action packed week, especially the "Way Back In The Days Party" where people are encouraged to wear clothes reminiscent of when they were in high school. Back in the 60s I loved to wear mini skirts, platform heels, and tattered bell bottom hipsters...gives me another good reason to play 'dress up' and get out of the house! Ugly Betty...move over! And, proceeds of money, clothes, and school supplies will go to Watershed, a 32 year old non profit. See you there...and FYI, I won't be the one in the poodle skirt!!!