Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cache Restaurant & Lounge

Had a wonderful 26th anniversary dinner at the new Cache Restaurant & Lounge (pronounced Cash) in the downtown Little Rock River Market area last night. Ooh la la! What a nice addition to our beautiful city! Of course, we had reservations (recommended) and of course, we had to order drinks, appetizers, salads, entrees, and dessert! I'm just amazed that we picked every spectacular tasting item from the menu! Or, maybe the whole menu is spectacular. Either way, we were certainly impressed and delightfully full at the end of our meal. Our tab came to $142 before we gave our most efficient server, Ronnie, a $30 tip. Do ask for Ronnie (he is there on Tuesdays and Thursdays)! Hey, what can I was our 26th anniversary and a long, hard road it was to get there.

Check out my pics below and the must haves include: Blood & Sand with Beer $10, California Chardonnay by the glass $13, Truffle Polenta $12, Bok Choy & Arugula Salad $!0, Bread from Boulevard Bread with a house Cornbread stick, Cache Tossed Salad $9 (not pictured), House Filet with Fries $34, Spicy Seared Big Eye Tuna $32, Vanilla Brulee with Pecan Chocolate Cookies (no idea of cost because the desserts were not on menu)...the House Filet, Truffle Polenta, and Vanilla Brulee were 2Di4, the rest were just delicious!




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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Famous Pie Shop in DeValls Bluff, Arkansas

If you're ever meandering down Hwy 70 West headed toward Memphis, you must take time to stop and smell the BBQ and the freshly baked pies in DeValls Bluff. Craig's BBQ has been an Arkansas tradition for many folks around Arkansas, as well as, the whole country for many, many years. After eating at Craig's you must run across the street (look for a little white house that says Pie Shop on it) and pick up a piece of pie at The Pie Shop. The door is unlocked, so just go right in. Miss Mary has been baking pies for many years and she has long past reached perfection. I usually get a whole pie...the Egg Custard is my favorite. Look how dreamy and oozy and gooey it is...2Di4! $3.75 for a small egg custard pie which feeds two people and around 8 bucks for the whole pie. Now that's a bargain. Bring cash.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Craig's BBQ in DeVall's Bluff

Delightful Pork BBQ with scrumptious Lay's Potato Chips...

Pass on the baked beans...and bring cash!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cafe Italia in Grapevine...

Excellent little hole in the wall in Grapevine! Love the Cafe Italia. The atmosphere has all the makings for a wonderful and authentic Italian meal. Bread is crusty and superb. Crispy calamari and marinara is a must. The lobster ravioli is 2Di4. And, the grilled salmon was loaded with goodies. Service was super! Will return for sure when we return to the Lone Star state and head downtown toward the cozy lil tourist area of Grapevine.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Joe's Crab Shack in Grapevine...

Why, oh why, do we Arkansans have to travel a good way for some delicious seafood??? Like Joe's Crab Shack in Grapevine, Texas. Love this place! I always get a bucket of King crab which is also loaded with potatoes and corn on the cob. Yum Yum! The BBQ spices are the only way to drench your bucket contents. On our last visit we also ordered the crab and shrimp filled mushrooms with garlic bread. WOW! The service is always great when we go to a Joe's Crab Shack. There's a Joe's in Pineville, NC we love, too. The family atmosphere welcomes the pitter patter of little feet running all over the place. Maybe someday we'll get  a Joe's in Little Rock!

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A Lotta Evil In This World...

Yes, there is a whole lotta evil going on in this world. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. You must guard every aspect of your life at all times. Because at any moment, when you least expect it, up jumps some evil in your life!

And, so it happened to me the other day at Best Buy. Innocently I allowed evil to come in and now my life is sort of in shambles for the past few weeks. But, I'm not a quitter and  I'm working through it. I've got to be positive and believe I'm gonna make it.  I've succeeded a teeny, tiny tad which gives me hope. And, Heaven knows next time, I will be more aware of the evil that lurks among us and protect myself and family at all costs.

So, please learn from my dilemma, if you will:
Windows 8.1 should not be taken lightly. It is a cruel and unusual punishment for those of us who have not updated our software in a while. It is especially taunting for those who have been enjoying the heck out of our iPhone for many years. But, if you work hard, persevere, and have faith, I know you will, like me, reach the other side. Take care, good luck, and yes, an old dog can learn new tricks. (Gee, I wish the grand kids lived closer, I know they could help me through this.)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Rocket Twenty One in North Little Rock...

Had dinner at the relocated Rocket Twenty One in the downtown Argenta area last Friday night. Seems like Mr. Fletcher moved his restaurant to the north side of town. Really don't understand. Says he has new and different plans for the old Twenty One location. The Hillcrest/ Kavanaugh area is wonderful and maybe his next adventure there will be even better.

The new spot seems to be doing OK however, it needs a little work. Like maybe hiring another server to help the poor guy who waited on our table and all the other tables that night in the small and cozy newly built quarters on the north side of the Wyndham. The server did his best but we really deserved a little more attention than we got with prices being as high as they were. Same for the other tables. I had the nicely cooked Salmon on a bed of tasty, purple splashed quinoa, a puny green salad, an extra baked potato, and a Coor's Light. Mike had the tasty Pork Tenderloin with a cranberry sauce, included mashed potatoes, a puny green salad, and two Miller Lites. Our bill was around $80 bucks including tip. A little pricey. Probably won't return. There are just too many other wonderful restaurants with better food, prices, and service in the area. Sure hope it works out, though, because the Argenta area is so delightful and in much need of more food establishments. And  BTW, Twenty One has a super nice and cool manager who escorted us to the new area...remember Donnie from Bobbisox...yep.

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