Thursday, August 20, 2009

On A Quest For...A Few Honorable People

#3 has been particularly stressed the last few days because of some in house shenanigans at his place of employment. Seems that someone at work got his personal trailer stolen by another someone at work who implicated another someone who works there as a party to the whole dilemma. Got it? The entire event appears to have been caught on tape.

Yes, it is all a bit of befuddling uproar until the police, who have been called in, decipher the whole thing and come to terms with the parties involved. I see possible arrests, lawyers, lawsuits, lost jobs and income in the near future for some people. In the meantime, the trailer has been returned to the wronged party, the so called 'thief' has not returned to work, and the implicated third party keeps denying everything.

How do we get ourselves into anarchy such as this? If these people are guilty, what were they thinking?It's easy to screw up a good part of your life in just a few careless minutes and OMG it's those consequences we must deal with for such a long time thereafter!

I found this YouTube link you might like featuring a really honorable guy, Roger Bannister as he broke the 4 minute mile in 1954. Every time I watch this link, I cry, because I realize it's not what we do or who we are, rather what really counts is striving to do the right thing and do our very best at what we do, and when we do this, the outcome really doesn't matter. Got it?

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  1. as for the theif- it is amazing to me how people think they can get away from the long arm of the law, eventually the man gets you every time. guy is going to lose his job and plus possibility do som extensive time. Finds out that he had a record in his previous parts of his life