Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Responsible Pet Owners

This is a picture of our bossy bird dog named Lady.  She came to stay with us back in 1997 when she was probably about 2 years old.  I remember that day vividly, as I came home and saw her lounging in our front yard. I thought, "Oh, no, another dog for the Hocut household!"  We lived in small town, rural Arkansas at that time and for some reason our street became the 'dump off your dog spot' in Beebe.  Not a lot of responsible dog owners in this neck of the woods! Anyway, I took her to be spayed, dewormed, and all the usual costly vet procedures required of responsible pet owners. Yesterday I had to take Lady to the vet for the last time. She had chronic arthritis and just couldn't get around anymore.  I was able to provide her with pain medication and proper care for most of her life.  I don't think she had been getting that before she chose to live with us. Anyway, we are glad we were able to enrich our lives with the presence of Lady...please be a responsible pet owner.

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