Friday, February 5, 2010

On A Quest For...Eric Clapton

Finally, a concert time, date, and location I will be able to see my favorite guitarist of all time...Eric Clapton!

Yes, on March 5, 2010 at 7:30pm in the FedExForum at Memphis, Tennessee you can see one screaming nut job, next to an embarrassed 6'6" dude, singing all her favorite songs with this legend of rock 'n man...Eric Clapton. Just got my tickets last night so, you might be able to still get yours.

I didn't get into Eric Clapton until the early 90s when he wrote his Grammy winning Tears in Heaven(a tribute to his dead son, Conor)...I missed his pain filled, addictive days dating back to the 60s when he sang of his lost loves, heroin and alcohol addiction, and deaths of family and friends closest to him. Born out of wedlock, young Ricky (that's what his grandparent's called him) was a quiet and polite child, an above average student with an aptitude for art. He was raised believing that his grandparents were his parents and his mother was his sister, to shield him from the stigma that illegitimacy carried with it. The truth was eventually revealed to him, at the age of nine by his grandmother. Later, when Eric would visit his mother, they would still pretend to be brother and sister. OMG, talk about a dysfunctional family!

However, today, Eric is married to Melia, and they have three daughters - Julie Rose (b. June 2001), Ella Mae (b. January 2003) and Sophie (b. February 2005). The couple married in January, 2002. Eric’s eldest child is his daughter, Ruth (b. January 1985). Sober since 1987 with the help of the 12 Step Alcohol Anonymous program, Clapton gives back through his Crossroads Centre, a rehabilitation facility for drug and alcohol abuse on the island of Antigua.

I am so glad he pulled his s - - - together! Forget Layla, Patti, Alana, Melia...I can't wait to finally see him...I'm sure he will be singing "you look wonderful tonight" just for me!

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