Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On A Quest For...The Real Women of Philadelphia

I bet you might be wondering who the heck are the Real Women of Philadelphia...just ask Paula Deen and Kraft!  These two power houses are on a quest to find 16 creative women all over the country who love to use that wonderful product, Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  Yes, check out this great contest at Paula's site or the Real Women of Philadelphia site.

Lucky for me, I love both these great sites, and I hope to be in that lucky field of 16 women who will join Paula in latter June at her beautiful city, Savannah, Georgia to cook and compete with our favorite Philly recipes. And, prior to that Savannah event, I'm aching to catch Paula at the Arkansas' Women's Show  on June 12-13 in my beautiful hometown, North Little Rock, Arkansas at the Verizon Arena. Women from all over will crash this great happening which is sure to be full of fun, food, shopping, entertainment, and tons of valuable woman information.

In fact, gotta go now...I'm signing up for that Total Makeover sponsored by the Cosmetic Surgery Center and Dillard's...gotta look my best for that Savannah trip  later on in the month! Hey, Real Women is giving make overs, too...I can be twice as beautiful!  Ahhhhh....the power of positive thinking...sure beats feeling like a loser...try it.  And, if by some freakish chance I don't make it to Savannah...I do have a new BFF out of this whole deal...Philly Cream Cheese...don't wanna live without her!

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