Monday, June 6, 2011

How Many Willie Nelson Concerts Should One See In A Lifetime?

Well, once is not enough...and about thirty times is way too many. So, I would venture to say that at least ten times should be just about right. So, that means I have definitely gone over the limit to see this living legend who warbles like a nightingale, plays a guitar (at 78) like nobody's business, and rocks the stage better that most!

I'm really glad that the last time (I hope) I saw Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown was Saturday night at the North Shore Park in downtown NLR Argenta area. Willie (yes, I can call him Willie) was just as cordial, exciting, charismatic, and talented as the first time I saw him back in the 70s. Temperatures in the park reached well over a hundred, the crowds were as nice and feisty as ever (#3 had to wrestle with only four rowdy dudes who were coveting our almost front-row-lawn-chair seats) but, the beer was cold and the stages were all rocking with wonderful and talented younger friends (and relatives) of Willie. I am now in love with Jamey Johnson who sings and plays just like Willie as well as Lukas Nelson who sings and plays just like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

You better hurry up and get your times to see Willie in...surely he can't keep on doing these summer long picnic tours forever...or maybe he can...all the younger pardners seem to keep this cowboy ageless.


  1. I remember a few Willie concerts with you at Barton Coliseum....Those were the good 'ole days!!

  2. Hey, I remember well! If you enjoy Willie you will also love Jamey Johnson! I love his song co written with George Strait...Just Give It Away. Love you, MOM!