Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Of My Favorite Centenarians

Guess who's turning 100 years old this year...the beloved Girl Scouts and the irresistible Whitman's Chocolate Sampler Box! I have grown up respecting (and devouring) both of these sweet centenarians through the years. Although I was never a Girl Scout (yes, I would have been a good one) I did serve as a Brownie Leader (that's what stay-at-home moms with little girls do) for four years. One of my favorite parts of the program, besides empowering young girls to build "courage, confidence, and character" in themselves, was the annual cookie sale. The cookie drive was also beneficial in helping the girls develop valuable and essential life skills such as "goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics." Wow! How sweet a deal is that? If you're considering volunteer opportunities, check them out.

Another old friend of mine, is the classic Whitman's Sampler Box. How many of these little treasure chests have I been through in my life time? And, the familiar yellow, cross stitched box always seems too elegant to toss out. I use to save them and use them as storage boxes for all sorts of things, but now I just put them in the recycle bin. Maybe if I had ever received one from a beau or husband, I might have held on to it. I did get a small, red, heart-shaped box of chocolates from a terrific guy (Garry Lamb, fourth grade) one time, which I saved and tucked away in my cherished memory box full of great and secretive stuff. Humm, wonder what ever happened to all that priceless stuff...  Anyway, I still have the memory and I'll never forget Garry's wonderful gesture. Humm, wonder what ever happened of Garry?

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