Thursday, June 21, 2012

On A Quest For Being More Flexible...

I do not know for the life of me why I continue to try new things. Oh yes, now it's coming back. I'm attempting to learn fun things I've never done before, I'm being more flexible and less rigid, and I'm never saying never in this 'harder than heck to live in' world of ours.

Yesterday I attempted a Beginner Pastel Class at the Arkansas Arts Center and I did not last the entire class time before I went crying to the instructor, begging her not to take it personally, as I couldn't flee to the office fast enough in an attempt to salvage my $239 and get into some other class (which they more than happily obliged me with.) However, to save the next old dog who thinks they can learn new tricks the pain, suffering, and embarrassment, I wished I had told them that the meaning of  'beginner' has to do with something as new, not experienced, basics, primer...reminds me of the time as a mom with two kids I attempted to take a Beginner Tap Class at UALR. I'll never do that again.  Oops, did I say never...

Believe it or not, when you're not changing, trying something new, or moving forward, you might just be done in this 'harder than heck to live in' world of ours. Wish me luck with my new Beginner Drawing Class...


  1. Good luck! Yes, I've gone outside my comfort zone recently and applied for a senior director role here at work. I should know any day whether I get it or not. What I thought was impossible at first, may turn out to be a reality! - Wendy

  2. Thanks for the well wishes! And good luck to you as well!! We are always being coaxed out of our comfort zones and usually that's a pretty good thing!