Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On A Quest For...the best BBQ in Arkansas

For many years I have been On A Quest For some really good, finger licking BBQ entrés in the Natural State. And, what I've discovered is that Memphis has nothing on us Arkies when it comes to BBQ! So catch me if you can as I keep lookin', eatin', and bloggin' for the most succulent, delicious, meaty, BBQ in Arkansas! If you have a favorite, please tell me in the comment section below and I will travel far and wide to see if you know what you're blabbin' about!

My first quest is here at home in the Central Arkansas area. There are lots of these joints all over Arkansas and the Whole Hog Café in North Little Rock has certainly got plenty of delicious, award winning BBQ to choose from. My favorite choice is the 4 Rib Pork Plate butt besides those tender, tasty, wonderfully spiced smoked pork ribs, I love Whole Hog Café because:

  • No standing around waiting for a freshly bused table after I place my order. Now of course there might be a short time in the order line, but time goes very quickly and these pork connoisseurs even have trash mags for me to catch up on if I get bored. Plenty of tables to handle lots of folks!
  • 7 Magnificent choices of BBQ sauce: #1 Classic Sweet & Mild, #2 Tangy, Sweet, Spicy, & Tomato, #3 Same as #2 only spicier, #4 Traditional Southern Vinegar & Spice, #5 Sweet, Dark, Bold, & Molasses, #6 Rich Mustard & Vinegar, and #7 Volcano. Guess my favorite, be the first to email the answer to before August 1, 2012, and win a Whole Hog Café gift card from me!!
  • Homemade desserts such as my favorite, Sweet Potato Pie!
I do have a problem with Whole Hog Café I the only one in Arkansas who dislikes that sour cream based potato salad? The beans and slaw will do nicely for my two sides whenever I'm there to enjoy the 4 Bone Rib Plate and Sweet Potato Pie!

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  1. Hope your Hurricane ribs come out OK!! Take care when smokin'! Thanks so much for the comment, too...

  2. My friend has requested I take off to Brothers BBQ in Heber Springs, AR. I can't wait to try this (new for me) BBQ place! I especially love the small town of Heber Springs because it has a beautiful Arkansas wonder there (in addition to the food, Greers Ferry Lake!