Friday, August 3, 2012

On A Quest For...the best vet in Central Arkansas or Dash Goes To The Doctor

I know I haven't been to all the vets in the Central Arkansas area but, I think I've found a Pet Angel in the animal care department. Dr. Lee Misak, DVM in Jacksonville, AR has got to be the nicest and most compassionate caring doc for animals, not only in Central Arkansas, but in the whole world! He's also pretty great with diagnosing, surgeries, and plain ole routine office visits. And, he's the most affordable vet I've ever used.

I found Dr. Misak back in 1987 when I lived way over in west Little Rock but would travel to Jacksonville and Dr. Misak for all my animal needs. I have remained a faithful follower all these years. OK, I did have to drop off when I moved to the NWArkansas area but, Dr. Misak was always my back up if I ever needed him.

This Monday, Dr. Misak will do a minor benign lumpectomy on Dash (pictured below anxiously awaiting his diagnosis in Dr. Misak's waiting room). Nice to have a Pet Angel when you need one! Thanks, Dr. Misak and all your staff, for all you do in the animal world and thanks for making Jacksonville Animal Hospital a great place to visit! Oh, BTW your waiting room (STAY, SIT, Doctor Will Be With You Shortly) full of doggie and kitty cat owners are just as special and nice as you and your wonderful wife, Nikki are!

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