Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So That's What The Problem Was At The AR Arts Center This Summer...

Read in the newspaper this morning that the Arkansas Arts Center laid off three marketing staff employees this past Monday and hired Stone Ward Advertising to help them out of their 'unfortunate' situation. The article went on to say that the Arts Center had laid off two staff members in June as well.

Hummm.....I knew something was really wrong at the Arts Center because I had read about their financial hardship from a low performance of the 2009-10 Pharaoh's exhibit. I also read where Alice Walton (THANKS AGAIN, ALICE) gave a whopping $1 million to help them out. And on a more personal note, I had taken an art class there this summer and had a heck of a time getting them to take my money for the class. Finally after two months, numerous phone calls, conversations, and emails, they deposited my check of $204. Didn't realize they were working as a skeleton crew.

I do hope the Arts Center turns itself around with the innovative ideas of Millie Ward, co-owner of Stone Ward who plans a lot of new happenings such as:

  • Transforming the gallery experience
  • Making the atrium and box-office areas more welcoming
  • Designing a mobile app (YEA)
  • Using e-mail, texts, Facebook, and Twitter (YEA)
  • Creating events during lunchtime (YEA)
  • Creating a Pinterest following and Google Art (online) Project (YEA)
  • Offering online sign ups for classes (the present one is a nightmare to maneuver) 
  • Efforts to reach the younger crowd
Hard to believe this fine organization hasn't (ALREADY) done some of the things mentioned above...oh well, best wishes Arts Center...I don't want my grandkids (or me) to grow up without you!!

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