Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mylo Coffee Company in Hilllcrest

So I was deciding not to like this place when I walked in and ordered a large latte with Splenda and whip cream on top and I quickly got, "We have no Splenda and no whip cream but, we do have Stevia." OK, I can handle Stevia and forgo the whip cream on my latte today.

But, I really got silently puffed up when they handed me a large latte in a very, very small cup. Is this mine, I did say large, didn't I. OK, it did have a pretty little design on top. I'll give it a chance. So, I ordered a pastry with some bacon in the middle, paid my tab on their IPad (don't you love those things) and added a tip as well, and took my very, very small cup of latte and my cute little pastry over to sit by the window which had the most beautiful yellow tulips on the counter.

Well, fickle person that I am. I quickly forgot about the huge Venti I have ordered for years at that other place. And, this latte was so smooth and delicious that I did not need to drown it with whip cream. And, Stevia is a pleasant tasting sugar substitute. Glad I tried it. And, when I bit into that pastry with the bacon on top and found that it had the most subtle flavor of bacon throughout with a bacon brittle on the bottom, I quickly forgot about all others. I will surely travel the extra miles it takes me to get to Mylo's just to get one of those delicious choux pastries and just the right size of luscious sized latte ...2Di4 nice to be flexible.

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