Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sharky's in Sherwood...

There really is an art to frying the heck out of food and making it something enjoyable. Sharky's has defined that art. I would highly recommend Sharky's if you are having a Southern fried fish attack as was my case today for lunch. I wanted to eat at Two Sisters on Kiehl but, when I drove through the parking lot, there was no parking space to be had. As I exited the lot, I noticed the neon sign special flashing fried chicken so I thought of Sharky's on down the road. Glad I did. The $5.99 lunch special consisted of 2 fried catfish steaks, crispy fries, two hushpuppies, two slices of bread, and a delicious cup of cole slaw. Yummy, yummy! I was only able to eat half of the meal because it was so huge. Saved the rest for an afternoon snack. And, talk about perfectly fried. It was absolutely fried to perfection with no hint of grease or oil. I don't do fried very often but when I do, this Southern girl will choose to eat at Sharky's... because I have not defined the fine art of food frying.

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