Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Done With Going Overboard

My life has been spent in the fast lane. Forever busy, always going, going here, going there, always going everywhere. As a homemaker, a mother, a grandmother, a caregiver of animals, a soap maker, a student, a teacher, and a volunteer for non-profits all my life, I’ve worked very hard. I’m tired.

I’ve recently dropped out of  three wonderful organizations where I have devoted many years of volunteer service. I’ve structured my soap business to accommodate 12 loyal customers. My kids and grandkids are beautifully self sufficient and live far away. My dogs are growing old gracefully and dying out. I’ve slowed down. 

I cannot begin to express how absolutely wonderful it is to wake up each morning and not have to go somewhere. I am more relaxed and comfortable and find it hard to believe I actually enjoy puttering around in my own home doing a little bit of nothing each day. At 67 years of age, I finally have resigned and retired myself to a more sedate way of life. I’ve gone from a Type A to a Type B. I’m done with going overboard.

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