Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Dinner...NOT Supper or Lunch

When the veggies in the garden have grown to just the right size, the tomatoes have ripened on the vine, and all the other joyful bounties of summertime in the South are singing to you, one prepares to bring the orchestra all together. 

Sunday dinner coming! Not, lunch or supper mind you. The meal at noon is called ‘dinner’in the South. The dinner meal might include chicken and dumplings, baby lima beans, turnip greens, fried potatoes, sliced onion, stewed carrots, and don’t forget the cornbread! 

So when someone invites you to Sunday dinner, don’t arrive at 8 pm, dressed to the nines, with a bottle of wine in your hand. Bring the seeet tea, if you must. Y’all come around noon with a big ole appetite and join in the symphony of the South... Sunday Dinner.

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