Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On A Quest For...

The Perfect was not so many years ago, I recall, that I was the perfect, little housewife who always got up early with her perfect, not so little, husband and made a perfect pot of coffee before #3 went to his perfect little job and I settled into my perfect little daily housewife routine. Disastrously, these days I have become a shameless, careless, stop at nothing maniac until I get out the door and secure my daily fix...a twenty ounce skinny latte at Arsaga's Espresso Cafe in Fayetteville. Where did it all go wrong? Why am I leaving the house looking really bad with hair tangled, no make up, and frantically plotting (legal) ways to get a jump ahead of the school bus that stops well over a hundred times on Hwy 16 every school day morning? Well, maybe not that many times, but close to. What happened to my perfect little life and that cup of homemade coffee shared with my perfect husband? Hello, my name is Dianne and I'm addicted to skinny lattes.

The girls at Arsaga's relieve my habit at this phase in my life, but it has not always been an easy road to travel. In the past, I resorted to wandering into many coffee shops in the Fayetteville area in the wee hours of the morning to see if they were able to concoct a delicious, creamy, blend of two shots of espresso (perfectly pressed from the perfect fair trade coffee bean) and perfectly steamed low fat milk which is finally topped with about an inch of foam...preferably with an artistic design on top of the drink which is created from pouring the white milky froth over the dark colored espresso. This zany necessity and my road to perdition all started about three years ago when I thought it would be a neat idea to complete my bachelor's degree at the UofA.
Yes, I blame it all on the need for higher education and that 7:30am Spanish class required for my degree plan! Up at 5am, out the door by 6, to the University in heavy traffic (darn those school buses), and spend about 30 minutes on the shuttle bus that would take me from the 6Th Street Parking Lot to the Hill. How could I possibly make a pot of coffee at home with this kind of schedule? So the quest began...first coffee then I started doing the regular latte and ultimately the skinny latte...never ending, always on the move for my latte which kept me alert and kicking as I pursued my degree. #3 would now have to depend on his cup of Joe at the office and as for me, I would get my latte anywhere I could at that hour. Sometimes at Razzi's (UofA student union), or Les Maison Tartes, or a place called Gloria's on Dickson. Then they came to town...Starbucks...and they made a pretty decent latte, but one day I tried Arsaga's and here I am forever hooked! The best around in all the town of Fayetteville!

I have since completed my degree and do not have to get up so early to out maneuver the school bus, but I continue to be dependent on my early morning latte compulsion. At least I am able to couple it with my morning workout routine and all is not too bad a start for the day...if only I could manage to put on some make up and do my hair at that might almost be perfect again.

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