Thursday, May 27, 2010

On A Quest For...Paula Deen's John Hancock

I got my much anticipated book today, Paula Deen's Savannah Style and all it needs is her little John Hancock!  You see, I do have a plan...Paula Deen has acknowledged this little ol Ordinary Housewife from Little Rock, Arkansas for her Twitter, blogging, and social networking efforts on the Real Women of Philadelphia website! Yes, mam...the Queen of Southern Cuisine and author of Savannah Style has made my day!  You see, me and a whole lotta other girlfriends have been wrapped up in this RWOP video cooking contest since March!  Paula gave the thumbs up award to me and a few other girls for doing so well sharing this event on the Web. But the bigger prize comes in late June as we are all vying for a trip to New York, a (much needed for me) make over, and then on to Savannah, Georgia to compete for Paula (and get that John Hancock!)  However, just to be recognized for one's contribution in spreading a little love with this Philly contest, is more than I could have dreamed for.  Thank you Paula!

And, it is nice to experience that Paula Effect! I've already received more Twitter followers and blog readers than I ever imagined!  One of the other girls who was acknowledged as well, said she felt a little guilty for her accolades while others have worked equally as hard.  I told her to forget that way of thinking and just enjoy the good fortune!  It's like Joyce Meyer says in her new book, Eat the the's all about giving ourselves permission to lighten up and certainly not feel guilty for delighting in the benefits of our labors.  I'm in, and I'm delighted! Did I say thank you, Paula?

I have three more chances to get to Savannah...two final dessert winners will soon be announced and one other gal will be picked to help with all the Savannah commotion! Will keep you posted.  And, if I don't  get to Savannah...plan B on that John Hancock will be standing in line when Queen Paula comes to the Verizon Arena in North Little Rock for the Arkansas Women's Show on June 12th.  I will have my Savannah Style bird in hand and go for it!  There's more than one way to frost a cake...right? In fact, I'm allowing myself permission via Joyce Meyer, to eat a couple of pieces of that cake, then go shopping for an outfit, purse, and a pair of shoes! Moderation? Fiddle de dee...I'll work on that another blog!

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