Monday, May 31, 2010

On A Quest For...Savannah Bound Sweethearts...all have a story

Everyone has a story...especially everyone's sweetheart, Paula Deen.
"For all her success, the Albany, Georgia native has remained very grounded, in part due to her down home Southern upbringing. She married her high school sweetheart, became a young mom to two sons, and appeared to be living the life she desired, before a series of tragedies, from the death of her parents and the failure of her marriage to a prolonged battle with agoraphobia changed the course of her life forever." 
And, golly gee has her life changed! I recently purchased Paula Deen's Savannah Style and it is a cannot put down, cover to cover, gorgeous coffee table book if I ever had one! I hope to use a lot of Paula and Brandon Branch's ideas for my new home in Little Rock! And, speaking of Savannah, there are sixteen bound Savannah Sweetheart finalists in the Real Women of Philadelphia contest who will forever be showered with  Paula Power!  Read on and check out each story and fantastic recipe they will be cooking with Paula:
You know, after checking out these ladies, their recipes, and their stories, it's not so bad being beaten by this fantastic opposition! And, each one of these Savannah Bound Sweethearts will never be the same after experiencing the good fortune of being talented, creative, driven, and chosen by the Lady and Sons, Paula Deen, Jamie, and Bobby. You gotta love that Paula Power!!


    1. Thanks, Denise! I love to blog about all sorts of things...especially girlfriends! And, food!!!