Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Stuff, Or Not To Stuff, That Is The Question...

Every year at this time my family begins to think about the type of dressing our bird will sport this year. Surely this dramatic issue has crossed your family's mind a time or two in the last couple of weeks (or maybe you're just not normal like we are.) Visions of oysters, cornbread, nuts, sausage, wild rice, etc.  What will this year bring to our table? And if that isn't just too much to ponder, we then must decide where to put this dressing...in the bird or around the bird...stuffer or dresser?  What are you?

Actually in the South we abide by a couple of simple rules and if complied to, everybody goes away gorged and happy. There really is no choice as to where to stick this fabulous accompaniment...dressing (never called stuffing) always goes outside the bird for a crunchy, tasty side dish which we then drench with all that fabulous and creamy giblet gravy!  If you stuff it in the bird, it takes on too many juices and becomes way too moist and gooky for our Southern palates. Even James Beard and his faithful followers know the right thing to do in this type of sticky situation. What about you? Please leave your comment below...we won't laugh too hard if you choose to do the wrong thing this Turkey Day...gobble, gobble.

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