Monday, June 2, 2014

Rocky Mountain Grill Pearcy, Arkansas

Driving 'round the Hot Springs area the other day, we noticed a nice, little restaurant on a hilltop in Pearcy, AR Pop. 3,903. Looked friendly enough and as they always say, you never know what's 'round the corner unless you go 'round it. So, we screeched on our brakes, turned 'round, and came upon a very delightful meal. Mike had the Steak Special which was melt in your mouth tender and cooked to perfection. I had the Fried Catfish Dinner with a perfectly loaded sweet potato and all was scrumptious. Salads were great, soup was delicious, and the bread loaves were Di vine. Oh, and did I mention my most favorite food in the universe was on the menu. Yep, they had To Di For Hushpppies, and we will be back.

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