Monday, June 2, 2014

The New (But Not So New) Cilantro's Grill...

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Yesterday at 3 pm on a Sunday, I might add, Chili's in North Little Rock had a 35 minute waiting line! Gee, when can a couple get a nice leisurely meal, at a supposedly off hour in one of the oh so busy local restaurants??? Because, heaven forbid, we certainly don't try to get in at normal eating hours from 11-2 or 5-7 when there usually is an even longer wait. So, instead of waiting (with no available waiting chairs in sight) we wandered down the street to the new Cilantro's Grill in the Lakewood Village strip mall. Should have waited the 35 minutes at Chili's.

At Cilantro's we were immediately taken in and whisked away to the very back area of NOWHEREVILLE. In fact, we were the only souls back there for the longest. No one knew we were back there until they brought another couple back who got there food long before we did. Service was bad,  the kitchen was slow, and no one cared if we had chips, refills, or our ordered food. And, I might add, Cilantro's Grill is just another of many authentic Mexican restaurants in the area. I ordered the Poblano Queso Fundido which was an appetizer with corn tortillas. Pretty good. Mike had the Fish Tacos, order of two, which were tasty as well with a delightful side rice dish. But, considering the cold shoulder and delayed treatment, we will not return for a very long time, if ever. I try hard not to ever say never. Besides, I like El Porton (which is not too far away on Int 67/167 ) for authentic Mexican food. They are good and they care. I do like the shade of green on the walls at Cilantro's Grill...

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