Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How 'Bout Some Handmade Soaps and Lotions...

Every once in a while I tend to go on and on about how we are applying way too many chemicals, harsh detergents, and other harmful ingredients to our skin! Yuck!  And double yuck to those red pimply looking bumps that sometimes appear all over your body parts (way too often) after you've used a new product. You might think you have rosacea or some dreadful skin condition like eczema.

That's what I thought. Then I checked with my dermatologist and he set me straight. Straight to using quality organic and super expensive products without all those harsh preservatives and ingredients. Check your product labels and you will see what I mean. That was many years and much money ago. No red bumpy skin reactions for a long time. No swollen eye areas. Thank goodness but, hard on the pocketbook.

These days I save a lot of money and make my own soaps and lotions. (Yes, goggles, lye and soap molds.) And, my own deodorant and face creams, exfoliates, and laundry cleaner. I use only the best ingredients for my handmade products like olive, coconut, palm, and essential oils. There are no preservatives added which means bacteria could creep in unless you use the product quickly and wisely. For instance, my GMG All-Natural Facial and Body Cream w/ Zinc Oxide 4 fl oz/1.80 ml $10 per jar lasts for a couple of months with daily use and application with a wooden craft stick prevents germs from creeping in. My body sucks this stuff up. I cannot live without it.

I love to share. So, I mainly donate my sweet and luscious handmade items to non-profit causes but, I do sell to a group of close friends. If you have a need for a donation (or want to become a close friend customer-Hallelujah) please email me and state your cause! I'm making a delivery soon to the new Arkansas State Veterans Nursing Home in North Little Rock Have you seen that place yet? Wow! What a great way to serve our Vets! Check it out, it's a beautiful place in our neighborhood.

Email me for a detailed price list of my soaps and lotions DianneHocut@gmail.com
And, also if you have a cause or need for my soaps and lotions at your non-profit organization. 


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