Saturday, May 27, 2017

Retirement on the Lake

I've never had a real job. The fact is, I've been dependent on someone else to bring the bacon home pretty much all my life. Ok, all my life. My daddy, my husband(s). I'm not complaining. Actually, I'm very thankful for all the blessings I have continuously received and taken well care of all these years (please Trump, don't blow it for me, now). It's been a rough way to go, but I believe we all have it rough no matter what our situations.

The reason I'm now able to retire comfortably and live the lake life is because I have educated myself, saved for that rainy day (and many more days as well) and cut corners all my life. Teach your kids the value of a (fluctuating) dollar, the necessity for higher/further education, how to do handy work around the house, the value of home ownership, saving more than spending, and for all you girls out there how to have 'economic security' in a man's world. 

Almost forgot the common denominator in all of the Never give up and always start your day with a giggle and a prayer! See ya on the lake..

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