Sunday, June 11, 2017

Living a Tortoise Life in a Hare Fueled World

I was once a hare long, long ago. But, somehow I've evolved into a wonderful, hard shelled, slow as molasses tortoise. I cannot explain how this happened. Actually, science, Bible study, and evolution are fascinations of mine. Being the Bible (greatest Book in the world) thumping, devoted Christian that I am, I do believe you can have both science and Christianity in the same realm of thought. 

In fact, well informed paleontologists are searching diligently for that one skeletal fossil that will finally (Hah!!!) be the scientific evidence that will link us to our primitive ancestors. (Carry on Dr. Peter Ungar , I'm betting on you.) I do digress. Back to my strange predicament. Don't know how it happened but, I do love the new ME...

Life, as a tortoise, is a lot more simple now days. During the evolvement, I lost my ability to muktitask and run around like a harried rabbit, doing things that I really had rather not. I don't miss these primitve ways. Instead, they have changed into an uncanny ability to do one thing at a time, do the best I am able, not mind what others say, and do only what is important to me. Miraculous! My linguistics have also evolved.  I am now able to say NO. Yes, NO has replaced antiquated terms like OH, SURE, BE GLAD TO, and CERTAINLY to name a few. 

It's really nice being a tortoise in a harried world. There are some pesky growing pains, though.  Like when I'm lolligagging (or is it dilly dallying) down the road and those crazy hares are everywhere. Hope they get to where they are going. I've already arrived. 


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