Thursday, February 27, 2020

Little Girls Young and Old

I ran into a group of old ladies last night as I was having dinner with my daughter. I have known these old ladies since grade school. We are all the same old age. Oops! I guess that means I'm an old lady, too. Anyway, we were cordial, as we usually are, when we bump into each other, as we all still live in the same little old town we all grew up in. But somehow, as we all exchanged niceties, I realized some old things never change. And, I've taken on a few pearls of wisdom as I've gotten older. Like, I will never be asked to join "the in group" nor, do I want to join (anymore). Nor will I ever fit in with such a group that somehow cannot move past their younger selves. I'm digging deeper, always wanting a more diverse world to live in. I've also learned that I'm not better, I'm just different. And, that's OK. But, the most powerful thing I've learned is that some people never grow up, they just get older. Gosh, I want to be a grown up some day. Until that day comes, I will keep on steering clear of any toxic type relationships, learn to love ME times, seek a more diversified existence, and get used to eating alone (or sometimes with my BFF daughter shown below at Lassis Inn.)

OH, BTW Have you giggled today???

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