Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Get Involved...Fashion Week in Little Rock

I read one of those cute little, teeny, tiny books the other day, Hollywood Intuition by Jaye Hersh with Karen Salmansohn...all in about 30 minutes! Not much of a book, but it did have a lot to say about greatest love since high school! And, in case you haven't is especially exciting to see Fashion Week  coming again to Little Rock starting this Saturday, July 10th! According to Spencer Watson in Sync Weekly, Brandon D. Campbell, founder and producer of the second annual Fashion Week states,
“Last year, I was still in WWE mode. I'd just moved back to the city,” said Campbell, a Little Rock native and veteran TV producer of World Wrestling Entertainment, as well as work on ABC, NBC, FOX, the CW and E!, to name a few. “So we were all about getting the creativity out, and we'll always be about that.
“But we've had a whole year to focus on what makes Little Rock special — more so than any other place in the world — and it's the community.”
I couldn't agree more, Brandon! Thanks for bringing this event to our richly historic packed city and astounding community! Can't wait to check out all the happenings included in this action packed week, especially the "Way Back In The Days Party" where people are encouraged to wear clothes reminiscent of when they were in high school. Back in the 60s I loved to wear mini skirts, platform heels, and tattered bell bottom me another good reason to play 'dress up' and get out of the house! Ugly Betty...move over! And, proceeds of money, clothes, and school supplies will go to Watershed, a 32 year old non profit. See you there...and FYI, I won't be the one in the poodle skirt!!!


  1. Hello Dianne,

    I appreciate your honest and positive feedback about Little Rock Fashion Week. It is because of great Arkansans like yourself that led me back to Little Rock. Keep doing the good job you are already doing. - Brandon D. Campbell, Little Rock Fashion Week founder

  2. Hi, Brandon! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. And, especially thanks for all you do to help make our community a better place to live! I love fashion like so many others and hope to see you around the town!