Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On A Quest For...Little Kidz Week 2010

What has six legs, twelve eyes, eats tons of popcorn, drinks buckets of Kool Aid, and invades Nana's house about this time every year? Not the granddaddy long legs...it's Noah, Lindy, and Wilbur! Little Kidz Week 2010 is just around the corner and it is going to be the best LKW ever! We have plenty of quality events just waiting for this Terrific Threesome!

First on the list has to be swimming at the North Little Rock Athletic Club. What a great pool for my little guests! Maybe I can hit one of the Body Pump classes while Paw Paw is doing guard duty. Another cool pool we are going to check out is the Splash Zone in Jacksonville.

And, eating at fun little kid places has to be on the agenda. I think we are still in the age range of Chuck Cheeses. I just registered for some money saving coupons online...will come in handy for these three as they play every game in the place with expertise and endless energy. 

We will also have plenty of time for playing with the dogs, shopping at the mall, meeting new friends, watching movies into the wee hours of the morning, riding on Paw Paw's tractor, and just about any other thing these little critters want to do! The only thing missing from LKW 2010 will be Henry! I tried, but Mom and Dad said, "No." However, there will be no stopping Henry and LKW 2011! 

Yes, Little Kidz Week 2010 is all about spoiling your lovable grandkids and then shipping them back home to mom and dad! Fun stuff...make time for the special kids in your life, today!

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  1. I can't wait to get some grandkids to spoil one day but as Noah is just an eleven year old, I don't mind waiting.

    We can't wait either!